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We're Suga N' Spice and Victoria Posh Spice and welcome to our online Teletubbyland! Membership is free, but you have to give us the correct information. If you want to join, Email us at Teletubbyland@hehe.com You have to include your: name (it can be a username like candy1, etc.) Email address, age, and tell us your favorite teletubby. Membership includes: monthly newsletter, lots of info. on your fave teletubby, lots of pictures Emailed to you, and you have the oppertunity to submit your teletubby stories, poems, songs, webpages, etc. to this page! Most of them will be listed. Also, more to come, so join today!

MEMBERS: Do you think Noo Noo should be on the show more often and get more credit? Answer this survey by Emailing to: Telesurvey@1coolplace.com


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