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TINKY WINKY: Teletubby color-purple, size-the biggest, known for-his bag, he likes to- sing his song "Tinky Winky", dance, and fall over on his back. Tinky Winky loves all the teletubbies, but he considers Po his best friend.

DIPSY: Teletubby color-green, size- second biggest, know for- his hat, his distinctive steps, and his ways of saying "hello." he likes to- sing a song with a reggae beat, and go for walks wearing his hat and singing a song when he is feeling "escpecially cool."

LAA LAA: Teletubby color-yellow, size-second smallest, known for-being the happiest and most smiley of all the teletubbies, and for her big ball that she always bouces and wobbles. likes to: sing, dance,watch how her ball goes from little to big as she bounces it, singing her La-la-la-la-la song, and she always likes to know where the other teletubbies are. Her favorite word is "nice."

PO: Teletubby color-red, size-smallest, known for- her scooter, and for jumping up and down to express feelings of joy, enthusiasm, and surprise. likes to-ride her scooter, and keep on eye on the panel switches and controls on the Central Column inside the Teletubbies house.


BABY SUN: color-yellow, sometimes orange, known for- laughing everytime the Teletubbies does something funny. She likes to- watch the Teletubbies as they try different things every day, she is always sad when they have to leave and she has to do down every night.

NOO NOO: color- grey and blue, known for-helping the teletubbies, (he is the vacuum) likes to: play & dance with the teletubbies, He especially likes doing the "congo."

WINDMILL: Color-brown, The windmill isn't a character, it is just a main object in the show. Evertime the windmill blows, it's time for the teletubbies to hear a story.

THE SPEAKER: color-grey, the speaker always is the one who has to remind the teletubbies when it's time to go to bed, or back in their house. She always says, "Time for tubbie bye-bye, Time for tubbie bye-bye."

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